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We're offering a full-range AdBlue System (and of all its components) removal services, including the modification of the engine control unit software.
Below you will find a detailed description of the system, causes of failure, and solutions to problems that will help to select the best solution procedure. No time to read? Just call or write to us, and we will help you to choose the best option!


AdBlue functions and how it works

Many modern diesel cars come with AdBlue installed. This system has a range of names - Mercedes calls it, for example, "BlueTEC", Peugeot - "BlueHDI", VW cars have it included in Bluemotion, and so on. AdBlue helps to reduce the amount of NOx (Nitrous oxide) in the diesel exhaust gases. The system usually consists of the following components: AdBlue tank, heating system, pump, agent spray nozzle, NOx sensor, an additional catalytic convertor, and AdBlue system control unit. .
Principle of operation. AdBlue reagent is fed into the exhaust gases after they are cleaned in the diesel particulate filter. A nozzle sprays the required amount of the agent into the exhaust gases, then they enter the catalytic converter. There, thanks to the added chemical agent, the purification process is accelerated, and the exhaust gases contain minimum amount of NOx at the exhaust pipe. Please note that the AdBlue system has nothing to do with the DPF regeneration procedure. It is a separate component of the exhaust system and does not affect the performance of the DPF. Confusion arises due to the fact that some cars feature a separate injection system for other agents (EOLS, for example) to reduce the DPF regeneration (burn-off) temperature. Again, AdBlue has nothing to do with this process.


AdBlue Ecology or jus an Business

AdBlue Systems Issues

Despite the fact that the principle of the system looks quite simple, it is not very reliable. Due to a large number of components the system is very "capricious" and easily malfunctions even due to weather conditions. Most common problems are: heating failure, freezing of AdBlue and the resulting expansion damage to the system, nozzle failure, NOx sensor failure, pump failure, and failure of AdBlue system control unit. Especially fragile iteration of this system is found on Mercedes cars (BLUETEC). The most unpleasant thing about it - even if one component of the system fails, the whole AdBlue system stops functioning and a light appears on the dashboard to inform the driver about the limit of times the engine can be started or mileage left to travel until driving is prohibited altogether.



Fixing failed components

Professional repair requires a professional approach. The AdBlue system has a large number of components. It is important to perform high-quality diagnostics in order to pinpoint the faulty component and also the cause of its failure. After repair is done the system must be reset and adapted. We offer a full range of these services. It should be kept in mind that components of this system are quite expensive and, even after new original parts are installed, their service life in a corrosive environment (salt and various reagents on the road surface) is not that impressive. 

Complete disabling of the AdBlue system and its components

The second option is to disable this system completely. This is the most popular problem solving method. It has several advantages: firstly, you will forever be free from the system or its components - meaning - no repairs! Secondly, you'll no longer have to constantly refill AdBlue. Thirdly, you will never find yourself in a situation where you will not be able to continue driving upon the failure of this system. There are disadvantages too - the car will be less "environmentally friendly", for example. Then again - the purpose for installing this system seems more like to increase the cost for servicing your car than for environmental purposes. Regarding MOT Inspection - emergence of any problems is impossible if AdBlue removal job is done professionally. No components will be removed - they'll just perform a "decorative" function and will not partake in any of functions anymore thus causing 0 problems in the future. With this method it is necessary to perform software modifications of high quality in order to permanently remove the system and its components from the engine control unit. 

By using our services, you can rest assured that we will deliver an excellent result, free of any problems regardless of the solution you have chosen.

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