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Professional CHIPTUNING service for passenger cars, trucks and industrial vehicles. Qualified approach, original equipment and software. Certificate for works.

High-quality tuning of engine operation modes by using perfected calibrations. Superb result that is completely safe for car components.



ECU reprogramming to increase power output without any mechanical modifications. The most popular type of tuning among owners of standard passenger cars.


ECU reprogramming to minimize fuel consumption. Especially popular type of tuning among the owners of trucks and industrial vehicles that allows you to save up to 4 litres per 100 km in freight vehicles.

STAGE 2-3-4 Tuning

ECU reprogramming and mechanical modifications of engine/intake/exhaust to achieve maximum results.


Chiptuning and implementation of combined solutions, including the disabling of a range of engine systems (DPF/EGR/FLAPS/ADBLUE/CAT)


Activation of pops & bangs, popcorn limiter, launch control, removal of maximum speed and maximum RPMs limiters, no-lift shift, map-switch/multimap, sports button, Start-Stop functionality shutoff, calibration of BMW Sports Displays, etc.


Quality control after the introduction of modifications (Chiptuning / systems shutoff) and solving the mistakes permitted by others if your car is suffering from a result of sub-par service. Option to roll back to the stock software and to make a ROM file based on an unmodified original.

More about chiptuning:


CHIPTUNING (ECU remapping) - modifications of standard ECU firmware in order to increase power, torque, and economy. All modern cars are equipped with an engine control unit (ECU/EBU/DME/ECM) - a computer that controls all aspects of the engine operation: fuel-to-air mixture, timing, operation of injectors, boost control (for a turbocharged car), etc. Chiptuning is a modification of the ECU firmware in order to increase power, torque, engine flexibility, and fuel efficiency. Please note that chiptuning and chip box installation are completely different things, and chip boxes cannot be attributed to a range of expert solutions.


Depending on the engine capabilities, level of limitations, and set goals, there are several basic types of tuning:

  • Changing the power class - regain the power "stolen" at the factory. It is used when the same engine model is installed in the factory, but software limits its power output for different car models. With our help, you can remove this restriction.  
  • Eco-tuning - purpose of such tuning is to minimize fuel consumption. It is especially popular among the owners of trucks where fuel savings of up to 4 l / 100 km can be achieved.
  • Stage 1 -- the most popular type of tuning. Does not require mechanical modifications and increases your car's power and torque by an average of 30% (on software-limited cars it's up to 105 %) without a significant increase in fuel consumption - even quite the opposite! Consumption often decreases by up to 1.5 litres / 100 km.
  • Stage 2 -- a more “aggressive” tuning that requires minor mechanical modifications (removal of the catalytic converter and/or DPF + panel filter).
  • Stage 3 and higher - a "Power tuning" class that requires significant mechanical modifications (exhaust, intake, turbochargers, etc.), allowing you to experience a significant increase in power output - even several times that of the original!




NO. High-quality Chiptuning offers you a completely new experience from your old car. Its whole character is changed. Engine gives more torque, and because of this the car becomes "lighter", picks up speed far easier, and urban commute becomes much more pleasant. Thanks to the evenly distributed torque you'll receive stable acceleration and confidence when overtaking. We eliminate torque "pull" gaps at certain RPMs - engine revs up more easily to the very cut-off limiter. Throttle lag is eliminated as much as possible - car responds immediately. A well-coordinated operation, faster and cleaner shifting without unpleasant kicks and lags is achieved after proper modifications of the gearbox and engine interaction algorithm. Fuel economy is another important factor - with power tuning you will also get the best fuel economy possible - about 10% on average for most cars. These advantages are only a small part of the set of advantages that you will get after chiptuning. 

Main advantages:

  • Power and torque increase
  • Improved flexibility for more comfortable urban commute
  • Throttle lag elimination
  • Faster and smoother AT shifting
  • Fuel economy (depending on your driving style)
  • Maximum possible reduction of turbo lag


  1. You can buy a CHEAPER car and make it MORE POWERFULthan more expensive models after the tuning is done. Striking example: buyer was looking for a BMW X5 f15 4.0d 313 hp that costs about 10 000 Euros more than a similar car with a 3.0d 258 hp engine. After consulting with us it was decided to purchase the cheaper model. After our Stage 1 tuning 311hp were produced, and after Stage 3 (Downpipe + Hybrid Turbo), whopping 380hp were achieved. Such tuning will not decrease the service life of engine and AT, instead it will significantly save money and allow you to make additional savings on taxes and maintenance. Only advantages!
  2. You can RETURN THE "STOLEN" POWER  by changing the power class of your vehicle. Many modern cars have identical engines installed with "different" power rating, intentionally limited at the factory. Changing of the power class is the removal of these restrictions. Here are examples of such restrictions: VAG 1.6d (74 hp and 105 hp = identical). Same goes for VAG 2.0d/3.0d, BMW 2.0i/2.8i (185 hp and 245 hp) and their diesel versions 1.6d/1.8d/2.0d (2 l engine in all of these (except the new 1.6)), Volvo (D3 and D5 are identical) and so on. Main advantage - you can buy a cheaper car, pay less in taxes and, by having changed the power class, enjoy all the advantages of a more powerful model. An example of such a model is BMW 116d with a 2 litre engine producing 74 hp and 140 Nm only. After the removal of intentionally imposed restrictions, the engine performs as a full-fledged BMW 120d. The owner of such a car pays the road tax of 116d, but in fact enjoys 120d with Stage 1 modifications. CSDD (MOT in Latvia) are unable to check the power output, so the owner can be confident about inspections and continue to enjoy all the benefits of a "weaker" (on paper) car.
  3. YOUR CONFIDENCE BEHIND THE WHEEL. Easy overtaking, fast acceleration from the intersection, rapid launching - thanks to chiptuning your car will provide you with the necessary power reserve exactly when you need it the most.
  4. SAFETY GUARANTEED.  We perfectly understand that it is important to make the car not only more powerful, but also to preserve all of its operational characteristics. We are striving for a high degree of customer satisfaction, therefore the priority of our work is quality and safety! Thousands of satisfied customers are the best proof of it!



We approach tuning responsibly. Diagnostics of air leaks in the turbocharger, injectors, and intake system, and also of environmental systems (EGR / DPF / catalytic converter), etc., are performed. If necessary and if the client desires so, we offer to perform vehicle maintenance - to clean injectors and intake manifold (carbon clean), to change oil and filters. After that we're working directly with the engine control unit. We download the original engine control unit program code (ROM), modify it, and write it back to the ECU. Since we're working only with original equipment, the ECU firmware is read and written back via the vehicle's On-board Diagnostics (OBD) port - we will not dismantle the ECU, will not crack it open with brute force, and connect to it in such way. OBD approach guarantees complete safety and quality of our services. In the unlikely case if ECU is not reachable via OBD port we will work with specially designed tools to carefully remove the ECU, open, and connect to it (no soldering work is needed), then assemble it back just like the factory standard. It should be noted that thanks to our equipment most of ECUs will not be opened after they are extracted - we will just connect to the unit directly via its connector. In any case - we guarantee the complete safety and fully cover all of the risks. After the modified file has been written back, additional diagnostics and test rides are made. Results of these activities form our decisions - if debugging is necessary or successful, for example. When everything is deemed ready we return the car to the client. We also keep files (original and modified) of the car in our database - just in case you need to return it to the original state (for example, before visiting the dealer in the case of a warranty service).



We are working only with premium-class original equipment and software. This ensures maximum safety when modifying ECU software. No Chinese clones and other junk is used that is unsafe for your car.


We guarantee the complete safety of vehicle components - such as DPF, catalytic convertors, sensors, etc. This is a very important! By choosing us you are 100% protected from unpleasant consequences.


We are a service centre that is a manufacturer and supplier of chiptuning configuration files (Master). In other words - we ourselves are doing all of the hard work to modify the ECU firmware. We are not using firmware of unknown origins, made by other individuals. We are working very closely with suppliers of calibration, such as B&C Consulting, SLT, EVO - which allows us to use the highest quality chiptuning solutions.


We do not experiment with your car - all of the improvements are tested on real cars on a dyno stand. To promise an increase in power is one thing, to achieve a real result - quite another. By choosing MODS, you can always rest assured that you have got the best result possible.


We are not using premade file databases of dubious quality - all changes are made manually to a file extracted from your car. This guarantees both the absence of unpleasant consequences and the full responsibility for our services.


Each car that has been tuned in our service centre is registered in our database - with a complete revision history and a backup copy of the original firmware. You can always roll back to the standard ECU firmware absolutely for no charge if such a need arises. Or to continue tuning to a new level (from Stage 1 to Stage 2, for example) with a significant discount.


Chiptuning does not tolerate unprofessional approach. Only competently performed tuning guarantees excellent results and lack of problems. issues a certificate for every car that we have modified. In order to have the right to issue a certificate it is necessary to comply with all of the above conditions, as well as clearly meet certain requirements to ensure that the tuning quality meets the high level of standards set in this field. Unfortunately, Latvian market (as well as most of other countries) is oversaturated by "chippers" who've bought cheap clones of equipment and are using a database of low-quality files. Their services are cheap; however, the quality also matches the low price. As a result, the following ensues: endless problems with the car; replacement of still serviceable and good parts in an attempt to blindly solve the problem; complete malfunction of the car as a result of using "clones"; and after all of this - the need to visit professionals to fix it all. We often have to deal with owners of cars that are affected by the actions of amateurs. For the owner this means additional money spent for high-quality work - at the least. Unfortunately, after the performance of poor-quality tuning, in majority of cases these cars afterwards display serious malfunctions of components (nozzles, turbochargers, injection pumps, etc.) that require additional investments to eliminate the aftermath of "cheap" chiptuning. Remember - it is better not to do chiptuning at all than to approach it on the basis of cheapest pricing available. You and your car deserve much more than a Chinese clone and an unknown file from a $10 database. The key point in obtaining a result of high quality is to entrust the heart of your car to professionals - this will save you time, nerves, and money and give you an unforgettable impressions of a properly tuned car as well. - чип тюнинг

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