Tuning of the exhaust system and air intake system - preparation for Stage 2 and Stage 3 tuning by using middle and premium class parts of well-known brands world-wide.

We carry out the following exhaust system tuning

Sports catalytic converter and/or DPF

For cars with Stage 2 engine tuning and above it is necessary to intervene in the exhaust system. On gasoline engines this means the removal of the catalytic convertor; on diesel cars - the removal of diesel particulate filter. If you are worried about possible MOT inspection problems and the reduction of the environmental class of your car, then, instead of removal, we can offer you to install a sports catalytic convertor and/or DPF. They create less resistance for exhaust flow and are suitable for Stage 2 engine settings. It can also be an excellent alternative to a faulty catalytic convertor or diesel particulate filter even for an engine with standard power and will provide much better airflow for the engine.

Downpipe from heat-resistant steel

Downpipe is an exhaust section placed in place of the original catalytic converter shell and/or diesel particulate filter. Its installation is not mandatory for this procedure, but it provides several advantages. The main advantage of the downpipe, in comparison with the original casing, is greater engine power output due to a more even and voluminous flow of exhaust gases and the absence of turbulence in the housing of the diesel particulate filter, the turbocharger can reach operating mode much earlier. Downpipe also solves the problem of turbine howling, which is created in the housing of the DPF when it is removed (on some models).

Cat-back or direct-flow system (full system)

Depending on the desired result we can replace both the individual parts of the exhaust system and the system as a whole. There are 2 main components:
1. Cat back system  - a section of the exhaust system that is installed after the catalytic converter and/or diesel particulate filter. It is used when you desire to keep all of the environmental systems intact.
2. Full System straight pipe exhaust system that completely replaces the standard exhaust system. Allows you to achieve maximum performance and great sound. Most systems are made of stainless steel, which adds a beautiful appearance to it.

Air intake system tuning

Hybrid Turbocharger & Turbo Upgrade

Hybrid turbo is a great alternative when you need to install a more reliable and productive turbocharger. It differs by improved characteristics of the compressed air and higher-quality materials with the same form factor as a standard turbo (it is installed without any modifications in the location of factory turbo). Usually installed on vehicles with Stage 2 and Stage 3 modifications (or when modifying Stage 1 cars that have unreliable turbos, for example, VAG BKD engines). Turbo upgrade - installation of a non-standard (larger) turbocharger for Stage 3 and above, where there is a need for a significant increase in the amount of compressed air.

Intercooler Upgrade

Intercooler upgrade - installation of an increased-performance Intercooler when it is necessary to increase the cooling efficiency of the air compressed by the turbo. Due to the larger surface area (compared to the standard intercooler) and the modified design, the cooling efficiency increases up to 60-80% (depending on the design and goals set). It is also necessary to install a more efficient intercooler when doing Stage 3 tuning and above (in some cases it is recommended even with Stage 2), since the standard cooling system will not cope with the task of cooling an air mass that is larger than standard, especially in hot weather. There are different models of intercoolers and various ways of installation - from mounting them in the standard place (most popular), to a complete system rework and installation (FMIC, TMIC, SMIC, etc.).


Panel filter & Cold air system

Panel filter & Cold air system - Air Intake System tuning. It includes the area from the intake to the turbo, including the air filter. Usually for Stage 2 modifications it is enough just to install a low resistance filter (Panel filter), whereas Stage 3 and higher require a significant increase in airflow capacity of the intake system. For these purposes the Cold air system is installed - place of air intake is re-routed from the engine compartment to the outside in order to isolate it from possible sources of heat (from engine operation, for example). The intake geometry, diameter and length of inlet pipes can be changed to minimize resistance at the intake. Sometimes a “short” intake system (short ram intake) is used, which is designed to shorten the path to the turbine as much as possible.

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