Mechanical and chiptuning of automatic transmissions. Installation of a reinforced torque converter, friction plates, reinforced mechanisms, as well as modification of factory calibrations in order to increase the operation speed of the automatic transmission, its service lifetime, and to prepare the AT for new increased power of the engine.

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DSG (VAG) AT tuning and chiptuning

Full activation of the 1st gear, faster shifting, elimination of factory problems, preparation for Stage 2 and Stage 3 engine tuning on VAG-group cars (Audi, Škoda, SEAT S.A., Volkswagen, Porsche). Installation of a reinforced clutch and configuration of mechatronics for operation under high pressure. Installation of an additional protection algorithm to avoid DSG overheating.

ZF AT tuning and Chiptuning

Faster and more precise shifting, preparation for Stage 2 and Stage 3 engine tuning, activation of a proper manual mode. Installation of a reinforced torque converter and friction plates, increasing the operational torque up to 1100 Nm.

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CHIPTUNING (ECU Remapping) - modifications of the standard ECU firmware in order to increase power characteristics, torque, and economy. All modern DSG and ZF Automatic Transmissions are controlled by a computer that manages the moment and speed of shifting, pressure, cut-off limiter, etc. AT Chiptuning is modification of the AT control firmware.

What are the advantages of DSG and ZF AT tuning?

DSG - Automatic Transmissions feature a number of factory "chronic problems", such as a practically non-existing 1st gear (immediately attempts to shift to 2nd gear) that is very uncomfortable in traffic jams, erratic behaviour - when the AT quickly shifts up and then immediately down, and so on. DSG Stage 1 chiptuning allows you to solve all of these problems and to make the car even more economical and dynamic, to achieve quicker shifting using improved logic of operation. It is possible to activate RPM retention (prevent unwanted shifting) and RPMs selection for the launch control, etc. Stage 2 is also possible - it is used when chiptuning engine to Stage 2, resulting in dramatic reduction of premature wear of the clutch and elimination of slip. On some cars it is possible to activate launch control.
ZF Chiptuning allows you to achieve faster and more accurate gear shifts, which in turn will make the car more economical and dynamic, will eliminate shift lag during driving in sports mode, enables to activate proper manual mode (gearbox will not shift when peak RPMs are achieved) and so on. Depending on your goals, different levels of configurations can be implemented.



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What are the advantages of AT tuning?

DSG - - it is possible to install a reinforced clutch and to modify mechatronics to be able to work under high pressure if the goal is to control significantly increased torque (for example, when performing Stage 3 and higher stages of engine tuning). Also, it is possible to retrofit wet clutch DSG with an additional cooler to prevent it from overheating and activating emergency mode during prolonged peak loads.
ZFit is possible to install a reinforced torque converter that is capable of controlling torque up to 1100 Nm and even higher. Installation of reinforced clutches (including from Kevlar), additional cooling equipment to prevent the gearbox from overheating when it operates under significant loads for prolonged periods of time. Installation of more efficient solenoids that allow the gearbox to operate under much greater pressure and to significantly reduce the AT shifting speed.


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